Financial Ratings Series Online


Combines the strength of Weiss Ratings and TheStreet Ratings to offer the library community a single source for financial strength ratings and financial planning tools covering Insurance, Banks, Mutual Funds and Stocks.

The financial strength ratings from Weiss & TheStreet Ratings provide the accurate, independent information your patrons need to make INFORMED DECISIONS about their financial planning.

  • How to Pick the Best Medigap Plan and Get the Lowest Premiums
  • How to Find the Safest Bank or Credit Union in Your Area
  • How to Avoid the Weakest Insurance Companies… and How to Find the Best Ones
  • Get Sound Investing Advice with Weiss Ratings' Safe Money Reports
  • How to Find the Best Mutual Funds… and Make Sure Your Retirement Funds are Safe
  • How to Pick the Best-Performing Stocks

A subscription to Financial Ratings Series Online makes sure your patrons have the information they need to be certain they are working with the best and most financially stable organizations. Using our quick and easy search screen, your patrons will get immediate access to:

Financial Strength Ratings for more than 21,000 Banks & Insurance Companies
  • Banks, Savings & LoansCredit UnionsProperty & Casualty Insurers
    Auto & Homeowners InsurersMedicare Supplement InsurersLife & Annuity Insurers
    HMOs & Health InsurersLong-Term Care Insurers
Individually Personalized Medigap Buyer’s Guide & Premium Calculator
Download Weiss Ratings' Safe Money Reports
  • Get Immediate Access to New & Archived Safe Money Reports
    Safe Money‘s primary mission is to provide you with the 100% independent research and analysis you need to help preserve - and grow - your wealth in both rising and falling markets.
Investment Ratings for over 6,000 Stocks and 16,000 Mutual Funds
  • Common StocksBond & Money Market Mutual Funds
    Stock Mutual FundsExchange-Traded Funds *NEW 4-Page Reports*

Financial Ratings Series Online is designed to direct consumers and business professionals toward safe banking and insurance options and strong investments while helping them avoid unnecessary risk that could lead to financial losses.